Firefox tab candy

I found a video demonstration about a coming feature in Firefox. It is called tab candy and is a way to group your tabs. There is more to it, like sharing tab groups and community browsing. It is hard to describe but looks really ground breaking. Check out the video by Firefox developer Aza Raskin.

Now I hope that the release it as soon as possible.


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I need one of those

Engineering at its finest.

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To twitter or not to twitter

This new thing called Twitter is everywhere at the moment. I discussed it with my friends today, some of them use Twitter, but I still cant figure out what it is. Ok I understand the basic thing, answer the question “what are you doing now?”.

But why? What good could possibly come out of that? Hmm, perhaps I better create an account and see for myself. But on the other hand, I do not really need any more excuses to spend more time in front of the computer.

To twitter or not to twitter, that is the question.

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I found a really cool web page, Akinator – the web genius. It is the home of Akinator who guesses the name of a person you think of. So, you decide on a person and then Akinator will ask you some questions and then make a guess.

He is really good at guessing even though he may not get it right all of the times it is still impressive. You really should try it.

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Tasty art

I read in my old friend Johns blog about Jelly Bean Art. Looks really tasty.

As a reply I have found some other eatable art.  Pretty cool, the foodscape photographer Carl Warner has modeled landscapes out of food and displays some amazing photos.

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User profile cannot be loaded. Aarrghh!

This tip is a real life saver. At least it was for me.

I got a very strange problem, one day i tried to start my computer as normal and got the message

“The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.”

What? I had not changed a thing.  Luckily i had another computer around and using this I googled for solutions. After a few hours of scratvhnig my head and cursing at the broken computer I found a working solution at the following site:

Happy computer surgery.

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Find your backlinks

I just found a page that tracks your backlinks to your page. So far I have got 0 🙂

Find backlinks

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